About me

Hi, my name is Laura. I am a 20-something year old woman, born and raised in a very tiny country, named Belgium. Who am I? I guess we are both looking for that answer. What I do know is that I am the result of the places where I lived (including its people).
Though I think my hometown is one of the best cities in the world, there are some other places that will always have my heart. And each of these places had a contribution to the person I’ve become up ’till now. When I say hometown I’m speaking about Antwerp (obviously). Though I was not born and raised in Antwerp (yet very close), it is the city where I felt home the most.

Antwerp – 2010, during my studies when my hair was still wild and free

But my story does not begin in Antwerp. It begins in Mortsel/Kontich, where I grew up and went to school. Here I became a singer and guitarist. It is where I developed my enthusiasm for running and soccer, where I started to love biking, and where I became a very good student (thank you mom!). And not to forget, where I became the dreamer I still am today.

When I moved to Antwerp during my studies, I changed a lot. Antwerp made me a commercial engineer, a partner (yes I am talking about my man, Mathias), and friend of some amazing people. She made me appreciate street musicians, good food, and fashion. She made me outgoing and a Wiking, which changed me from a shy girl, to a woman who is not afraid to take on a little challenge.

After I graduated, I started working in Ghent. Here I met de most hilarious people with good taste for music. Ghent made me an IT consultant, a house music lover, and a self-assured woman.

Somewhere between Antwerp and Ghent, I went on erasmus in Paris. I had never been there before so was absolutely amazed by its beauty. I love Paris. She made me extravert, yet humble. She turned me in to a wine lover and an outdoorsperson. Nothing better than sipping wine on a Parisian terrace in wintertime.

We are almost there, just one more place to add.. and it is a special one. It’s called Limburg. In Limburg I have a lot of family, and was partly raised here by my dad and stepmother. Limburg taught me to enjoy silence, made me more of a family person, made me conscious and grateful and a coffee lover.

Getsemaní, Cartagena – 2016, with my man Mathias

Right now I live on the other side of the world because in december 2015 my life took another bend. My love was asked to work in Colombia for 4 years.
So we decided to take the leap and a few weeks later he left. After three months, in April 2016, I followed.

I quit my job, packed all of our stuff (yes, we took it all), hugged my lovely family goodbye, danced for the last time (at least for a while) with my amazing friends and took the plane to Cartagena de Indias. A beautiful, idyllic town in Colombia.

At that time, I had absolutely no clue of what I was going to do here (honestly, I still don’t know), but that was maybe what excited me the most.

No doubt about it that this place is changing me, but it is still too early to say exactly how. However, I can already say that this is the city that taught me Spanish, Champeta, Ron de Medellín, pelicans and a whole lot of patience.


About the blog

Cartagena – Discovering new places

So right now I live in Colombia and I am getting pretty keen on this expat life. We settled into our fantastic apartment, I kind of manage myself in Spanish and I already made a few trips within Colombia. My conclusion so far is that this country has truly beauty in abundance and I want to discover it to the fullest.

And exactly that is what my blog is about: Discovering

Up until now I can’t quiet put my finger on this country, this town, her people and yes, most importantly, my new life.
That is why I am writing this blog. I want to discover myself in this new life, that is so different from everything I know, and I want to do it by getting to know Colombia, its people, their culture, their values, etc. I’m curious how this place will transform me again into another person.

So jump on and join me in this discovery!

Do you want to know why it's called Pelican Stories? Read my first post!



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